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Sinks Canyon State Park has 4 camping yurts available.

The yurts can be reserved year round. Contact Wyoming State parks at: to reserve the yurts.


Yurt Fees:

Check the booking website for current prices. 

The booking website is and phone # is 1 (877)- 996-7275 you can book your reservation 120 days in advance.

Each yurt has:

  • One bunk bed (twin on top, full size on bottom)
  • One full size futon
  • All mattresses covered in vinyl
  • A dining table and 2 chairs
  • Captain's chair
  • Bench
  • Electrical lighting
  • 1 120 volt receptacle and usb port
  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • BBQ grill 


Yurt 4 is larger for larger groups.

All yurts have a picnic table and fire ring outside. 

Yurts 1, 3 and 4 have 2 adjacent parking spots.

Yurt 2 is a short walk down a primitive trail, with no adjunct parking.

Yurts 1 and 3 are ADA accessible.

                                Sinks Canyon Conservancy

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