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One of the most popular activities on the park anytime of the year is to feed the huge trout in the pool at the Rise.

There is a fish food vending machine nearby (it takes quarters) which dispenses handfuls of fish pellets. The trout roil the water rushing to get the food. Magpies and ducks compete for the tasty food.

The trout are mostly Rainbow and Brown Trout. On a sunny day you can see the red sides of the Rainbows flash in the sun as they swim.

The fish are not stocked. Trout swim upstream looking for a place to spawn. The Rise is a dead end, so the fish can't go further upstream, but they stay because it is a protected area with an abundant year round food supply.

No one has weighed the fish, but the larger ones are probably in the 12 to 15 pound range.

It is unlikely that fish swim underground between the Sinks and the Rise. The cracks in the Rise where the water comes out are narrow and sand clogged.

THERE IS NO FISHING IN THE RISE! This includes the pool down past the bridge where the water rejoins the main channel of the river. The only public access to the Rise is on the observation platform overlooking the Rise.

There are interpretive signs on the platform talking about the fish, geology and other wildlife.

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