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The Rise of the Sinks is a large pool where the Popo Agie River reappears after sinking into the limestone cavern at the Sinks 1/4 mile upstream.

The Rise is over 20 feet deep in places and the water flows into it from many different cracks and vents along the pool’s edge and in its sandy bottom.

During spring runoff the water level in the Rise rises and the pool churns with sand and water from the cracks.The Rise can look like a pot of boiling muddy water at the height of runoff.

The dye tests have proven that all of the water that goes in at the Sinks reappears at the Rise, but there is some extra water as well.

This extra volume could be from other sinks formations in the area or from groundwater soaking into the porus rock of the canyon.

The Rise flows year round. In the winter ice can form around the edges of the pool, but there is usually enough water flowing to keep the center of the pool open.

The Rise is a rich riparian habitat that is the home to many birds, animals, insects and reptiles including snakes, beaver, ducks, rabbits, bats, Mule Deer and many others.

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