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Sinks Canyon is one of the best places to study hundreds of millions of years of the earth’s geologic history. From the billion year old Precambrian granite at the top of the canyon to the recent Ice Age glacial boulders along the river, much of the geologic history of North America can be easily seen. 

The sedimentary rock layers laid down when this part of Wyoming was under prehistoric oceans were uplifted during the mountain building epoch and are now the massive sandstone and limestone cliffs that tower above the canyon floor.

The most recent geologic event were the Ice Ages which shaped the canyon as we see it today. There is abundant evidence of glacial activity scattered through the canyon.

Students from around the country and world come to learn the earth’s history. The University of Missouri Geology Camp is one group that has studied the geology of the canyon for many years.

The Sinks, the unique feature which gives the canyon its name, is a very unusual geologic formation and attracts people from around the world.

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