News of the Canyon

Throughout the year the park hosts many activities and special events: Campfire programs, talks at the Visitor Center on natural history topics, musical and art events as well as nature walks and outdoor programs.

Watch here for articles about upcoming events, check the calendar, or check listings in the Lander newspaper, the Lander Chamber of Commerce web site or check for posters around town and the park.

  • 4th Annual Run with all proceeds benefiting Sinks Canyon State Park.

  • Click the link above to download an article run in the Casper Star Tribune upon Bam Bam's death.

  • Bam Bam, the infamous Sinks Canyon Bighorn Sheep has died. Officials estimate he was about 12 years old. It is believed he died of natural causes.

  • Sinks Canyon State Park recently obtained a rare photograph of the Sinks. The image taken by A.E. Dickerson of Ohio is believed to have been shot in the 1890s. Dickerson was a commercial photographer who frequently travelled west to shoot natural landmarks. He often took stereographic images of landmarks. These images were to be viewed by a handheld viewer that made them look like they were in 3D. He took a number of shots in and around Lander, but is best known for his images of Yellowstone National Park and mines in Colorado.